It’s knowin’ that your door is always open and your path is free to walk

This August my closest thousand friends and I from the Mountain Brook High School class of 1978 will celebrate our 40th anniversary. I’m finding it difficult to imagine. 40 YEARS? Could there still be scandal? Romance? Intrigue? Late night stands? At 8:30 p.m.? I know you are as old as you feel but testosterone seeds can carry us only so far. So, the pressure is off. At best we look good for our age. This sounds
depressing but there is something to be said for leaving behind the posturing, the posing, the impressing, and simply trying to be nice, inclusive and joyful. And knowing that it will all be over before ten p.m.

I feel certain I enjoyed high school. If I failed it wasn’t my fault. I tried really hard. When I think about the things we did, I shake my head and wonder how we made it to this point. Of course not all of us did. I still think about Peter Sandner with his limitless charisma, Fran Hopson who looked like Farah Fawcett and laughed like Gidget, Gene Diethelm, the embodiment of physical and moral courage, and then there was Jimmy Willings. Jimmy spent the night one Friday and woke up when he heard water running and got up to investigate. He found our female Siamese cat going number 1 in the toilet with the seat down. We convinced him we had trained the cat to do that. He never got over it.

Time marches on, we pass the torch to our kids and every year another group of 18-year-olds start over, bringing optimism, joy and glowing skin to their graduation.  Makes me want
to take a nap.