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My Turn

Frog Pond Sunday School

If I had to narrow it all down to one moment, it was the winter storm of January 18, 2005, that sparked the creation of “The Frog Pond Sunday Social.” When the idea really caught wind several years later, it enveloped a whole new community….


We Asked

As mayor, how do you deal with the stress of the job? “Surrounding myself with excellent people manages my stress level. You’re going to be criticized. However, knowing in your heart you’re making good decisions and planning for the best interest of the City helps…


Meet Dale Miley

His insurance agency was doing well. His marriage had some problems, but don’t most marriages? He had a circle of friends. He was active in his church. Everything looked good from the outside, but Dale was angry, frightened and confused, and it was getting worse….

Department, Giving Tree

Walking School Bus

The “Fairhope Walking School Bus,” the only program of its kind in the state of Alabama, is a bus without the bus. There’s a bus stop, a route, a driver, and students. It’s a true transportation option for children kindergarten through third-grade at Fairhope Elementary…

Department, House & Garden

Where’s the Dirt?

When childhood friends Will Mastin and Karl Brantley were growing up in Baldwin County, playing soccer at Bayside Academy and picking up odd jobs mowing grass, they never envisioned being partners in a rapidly expanding small business that would combine their professional careers and personal…

Department, Sports

A Swan Song for Shuffleboard

If your idea of “old-people” exercise comes from a 40-year-old magazine article about shuffleboard in St. Petersburg, or bocce ball in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, you’ve obviously never seen a Pickleball game. For the senior who’s dead-set against going out quietly in the night,…