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Arts, Metalworks

Rust Never Sleeps

A bundle of story lines intertwine—from preservation and adaptive multi-usage of a historic industrial site to one family’s multi-generational commitment to supporting art and artists in Birmingham to the talent and vision of the individual artisans working collectively in multiple media to create a kaleidoscopic…


Julia Coccaro

Julia Coccaro is agitated, nervously manipulating her iPhone in her palm, wondering aloud, “Maybe I should call. I’m supposed to hear any day now. But they were going to email. What do you think? I want this more than anyone has wanted anything in their…

Arts, Feature

Expanding the Choir

“Until a few years ago, I had never heard of Nancy Lewis,” Paul Gaston writes in his book, Women of Fair Hope, on the eve of Fairhope’s centennial. “I might never have learned about her had I not decided to write a book about the…

Feature, Lifestyle

Rick Bragg

Ifyou’re from around here, chances are you know who Rick Bragg is, and likely have seen him, even if you haven’t read any of his books. When he’s not visiting his mom in Calhoun County or teaching his trade in Tuscaloosa, Bragg lives in an…

Feature, Metalworks

Bruce Larsen

As a sculptor, Bruce Larsen sees a different kind of potential in things. In his vision, ordinary, even undesirable, objects are transformed into ambitious, artistic assemblages. An interior decorator sees possibilities in composition and the colors of a palette. A crime scene investigator looks for…